How To Use Instagram To Find A Date With Cougars in London?

Your Instagram account- is it the right place to find a perfect date with a cougar? Most of you might be taken aback by this idea, but in the era of online social networking, this has become the new trend of the town. From happening cougar clubs, to passionate mature women who are seeking adventurous cubs, the Instagram is filled with ample opportunities that are hard to resist.

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Yet, the question still remains to be the same- how exactly can you discover the ideal cougars in London using Instagram. Well, worry no more, as here we reveal the five steps that must be taken while you are looking for cougars in London through Instagram.

1. Expand the number of people you are following

The first and perhaps the most effective step is to expand the number of people that you are following. And when it’s about extending list, you know the users we are talking about. Be it cougar clubs, individual users, or other cougar dating app in London, follow each and every possible thing that seems to be interesting and with this people will get to know that you are interested in dating them.

However, before following them study their account, analyze their posts and then decide whether doing it will be worth it or not.

2. Be active and share your thoughts

A golden rule of thumb is to remain active most of the time and participate in as many activities as you can. This includes posting the best pictures of you along with sensible captions or being a part of naughty contests that would indicate your purpose and probably attract a mature woman who shares the same feelings as you do.

Besides this, you can comment on the posts that are made by them, as with this they are able to realize that you are providing them the attention that they require. Because don’t forget Instagram is all about capturing the attention of fellow users and when you aim to date a cougar then making her know that you are their sincerer follower indeed counts.

3. Present yourself the right way

While using cougar dating app in the UK you will realize that sugar momma adores the style and charisma of young men, for them dating an adventurous guy provides a sense of pride and satisfaction. So, when you want to grab a date with them then you have to ensure that you are represented yourself the right way in front of them.

This is because there are many who are standing in the queue and in such a scenario; you have to do something that stands apart from the rest. It is something about being yourself along with having what it takes to win the heart of a beautiful cougar in no time.

4. Spread Your Insta Stories

The insta posts that you make shouldn’t be restricted to Instagram, rather you can share them at various promising platforms or cougar dating app in London so as to improve your chances of finding a perfect date.

Hence, instead of sticking to the same old Instagram you can amplify the search with other advance and innovative portals that specialize in sugar momma dating as this will make the entire process a seamless experience.

5. Embrace The Power of Instagram

Unlike what most of the users assume, finding a date with cougars through Instagram does not have to be that difficult. You only have to follow the aforementioned steps in a systematic manner and the embrace the power of this social networking platform.

7 Things Single Cougars Are Tired Of Hearing

Cougars are the women who are in their 40s or even older and who date younger men, usually with an age gap of 10 years or more. Single cougars are the women who are single and date younger men and seek sexual pleasures from them. They have to face several remarks from the people and eventually they get tired of hearing these things. We will mention few of them below.


1. Why don’t you get married?

This question can arise any time and at any phase of their lives. This is one of the most common queries that they have to face. In our society, usually a single woman is not accepted with respect. They are always seen with mistrust and pity and the whole world wants them to get married. This question becomes very irritating for them as it is their decision to be single and no one has the right to force them to tie the knot and get settled.

2. The cougars are like the hunters who prey on innocent and younger men.

This is a common remark that a cougar has to listen to again and again. She is considered to be a woman who intentionally traps younger men and ruin their lives. But this is far away from reality. In fact, a cougar is self-confident and attractive and the younger men tend to approach her for the unrestricted sexual pleasures.

3. A younger man will cheat on her one day

It is well believed in our world that men like the women of their age only. A single cougar has to hear these words from her friends and well- wishers at regular intervals that her partner will find some more attractive younger female one day and will ditch her. So, she must be cautious otherwise she may have to face difficult times. But this is not true always as a relationship becomes strong with understanding and age has nothing to do with it.

4. He looks like your son

Cougar dating becomes all the more difficult with such remarks. While moving in social circles as a couple, a cougar has to hear this quite frequently. But like any other relationship, the couple has to be ready to deal with such issues as there will always be few people who would try to put you down.

5.  This relationship doesn’t have any future

A cougar match is not thought to be suitable as people believe that their relationship won’t last for a long time. People believe that due to the age difference and other factors, they won’t be able to keep up their interests with each other and will ultimately lead to a break up. But, it has been proven that if a couple spends good time with each other, their relationship acquires strength and tends to last longer.

6. The man will want children which she cannot provide

A cougar has to go through such remarks that after a certain time, the man will want children and she cannot bear children due to her advancing age. But, having children depends on the choice of a person and thus, this is not always true.

7. I can fit you with someone

Usually, they get such offers from the people whom they consider to be their friends. They tell them that this relationship will break at last so they should find someone of their age with whom they can get settled finally. They offer to get them introduced to someone who is perfect for them.

These are the seven things that the single cougars have to listen to frequently but are actually tired of hearing. If you are looking for cougar dating sites, you can visit

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6 Questions to Determine If You Are Good for Dating Cougars

So you discovered you are attracted to older women, used a free cougar dating website/platform and found someone you really like. Considering you have never dated a cougar (i.e. an older woman between the ages of 40 to 60) you might be questioning whether you fit the bill. As a solution to your dilemma 6 simple questions have been listed below, answer them and find out.

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Are you spontaneous and highly energetic?

Older women choose younger men because they are young spirited, hence they will expect you to be highly energetic and spontaneous. In fact, you must have heard about a rich cougar dating tomboy because she loved his energy. Additionally, if you can offer them freedom and not threaten their independence they will absolutely love you. An enthusiasm to live life to the fullest, good stamina and doing things on the spur of the moment will earn you a perfect score.

Are you immature?

Cougars love young spirited men not immature ones, whom they may have to nurture. These older ladies desire men who understand their demands, so they don’t tolerate mistreatment, waste their time or forgive repeatedly. Since, they are secure, confident and independent they seek the same qualities. Immature, irresponsible and insincere men do not appeal to such experienced ladies.

Remember, if you are under 25 your prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for decision making isn’t entirely developed. Therefore even if a cougar likes your energy your immature nature may drive her away.

Can you cope with each other’s varying social circles?

Your relationship will be considered unconventional by many, including your friends, parents and colleagues. The age gap also means that your respective social circles will be poles apart. Adjusting with her children, friends and other family members will be challenging. Similarly, socialising with your near and dear ones without experiencing prejudice will be difficult for her. Can you stay strong in the face of opposition? If yes get ready to overcome such situations together.

Do you want a family?

A majority of cougars already have children and may not be able to or be interested in having more. Determine whether or not you wish to have a family and only then approach an older woman. Let them know beforehand to avoid causing or getting hurt.

What about her baggage?

Having a clean slate at the age of 40 or more is highly unlikely, meaning there will be baggage. A husband, ex-boyfriends, children, step children, debts, business pressures, a pending divorce can all be a part of her life. While you won’t directly have to deal with all of the above, her concerns will concern you at some point. Determine now whether you want to be part of this equation.

Is she financially more stable?

There is no dearth of rich older women so if dating rich cougar is something you aspire to do, go ahead. She probably has a larger more opulent house, luxurious cars, better wardrobe and other resources. However, if her status makes you conscious she might not be the one for you.