7 Things Single Cougars Are Tired Of Hearing

Cougars are the women who are in their 40s or even older and who date younger men, usually with an age gap of 10 years or more. Single cougars are the women who are single and date younger men and seek sexual pleasures from them. They have to face several remarks from the people and eventually they get tired of hearing these things. We will mention few of them below.


1. Why don’t you get married?

This question can arise any time and at any phase of their lives. This is one of the most common queries that they have to face. In our society, usually a single woman is not accepted with respect. They are always seen with mistrust and pity and the whole world wants them to get married. This question becomes very irritating for them as it is their decision to be single and no one has the right to force them to tie the knot and get settled.

2. The cougars are like the hunters who prey on innocent and younger men.

This is a common remark that a cougar has to listen to again and again. She is considered to be a woman who intentionally traps younger men and ruin their lives. But this is far away from reality. In fact, a cougar is self-confident and attractive and the younger men tend to approach her for the unrestricted sexual pleasures.

3. A younger man will cheat on her one day

It is well believed in our world that men like the women of their age only. A single cougar has to hear these words from her friends and well- wishers at regular intervals that her partner will find some more attractive younger female one day and will ditch her. So, she must be cautious otherwise she may have to face difficult times. But this is not true always as a relationship becomes strong with understanding and age has nothing to do with it.

4. He looks like your son

Cougar dating becomes all the more difficult with such remarks. While moving in social circles as a couple, a cougar has to hear this quite frequently. But like any other relationship, the couple has to be ready to deal with such issues as there will always be few people who would try to put you down.

5.  This relationship doesn’t have any future

A cougar match is not thought to be suitable as people believe that their relationship won’t last for a long time. People believe that due to the age difference and other factors, they won’t be able to keep up their interests with each other and will ultimately lead to a break up. But, it has been proven that if a couple spends good time with each other, their relationship acquires strength and tends to last longer.

6. The man will want children which she cannot provide

A cougar has to go through such remarks that after a certain time, the man will want children and she cannot bear children due to her advancing age. But, having children depends on the choice of a person and thus, this is not always true.

7. I can fit you with someone

Usually, they get such offers from the people whom they consider to be their friends. They tell them that this relationship will break at last so they should find someone of their age with whom they can get settled finally. They offer to get them introduced to someone who is perfect for them.

These are the seven things that the single cougars have to listen to frequently but are actually tired of hearing. If you are looking for cougar dating sites, you can visit cougarwebsites.com.

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