6 Questions to Determine If You Are Good for Dating Cougars

So you discovered you are attracted to older women, used a free cougar dating website/platform and found someone you really like. Considering you have never dated a cougar (i.e. an older woman between the ages of 40 to 60) you might be questioning whether you fit the bill. As a solution to your dilemma 6 simple questions have been listed below, answer them and find out.

cougar dating

Are you spontaneous and highly energetic?

Older women choose younger men because they are young spirited, hence they will expect you to be highly energetic and spontaneous. In fact, you must have heard about a rich cougar dating tomboy because she loved his energy. Additionally, if you can offer them freedom and not threaten their independence they will absolutely love you. An enthusiasm to live life to the fullest, good stamina and doing things on the spur of the moment will earn you a perfect score.

Are you immature?

Cougars love young spirited men not immature ones, whom they may have to nurture. These older ladies desire men who understand their demands, so they don’t tolerate mistreatment, waste their time or forgive repeatedly. Since, they are secure, confident and independent they seek the same qualities. Immature, irresponsible and insincere men do not appeal to such experienced ladies.

Remember, if you are under 25 your prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for decision making isn’t entirely developed. Therefore even if a cougar likes your energy your immature nature may drive her away.

Can you cope with each other’s varying social circles?

Your relationship will be considered unconventional by many, including your friends, parents and colleagues. The age gap also means that your respective social circles will be poles apart. Adjusting with her children, friends and other family members will be challenging. Similarly, socialising with your near and dear ones without experiencing prejudice will be difficult for her. Can you stay strong in the face of opposition? If yes get ready to overcome such situations together.

Do you want a family?

A majority of cougars already have children and may not be able to or be interested in having more. Determine whether or not you wish to have a family and only then approach an older woman. Let them know beforehand to avoid causing or getting hurt.

What about her baggage?

Having a clean slate at the age of 40 or more is highly unlikely, meaning there will be baggage. A husband, ex-boyfriends, children, step children, debts, business pressures, a pending divorce can all be a part of her life. While you won’t directly have to deal with all of the above, her concerns will concern you at some point. Determine now whether you want to be part of this equation.

Is she financially more stable?

There is no dearth of rich older women so if dating rich cougar is something you aspire to do, go ahead. She probably has a larger more opulent house, luxurious cars, better wardrobe and other resources. However, if her status makes you conscious she might not be the one for you.